Height of Business


Though, the history of this group is not too old. We were a small entity at the beginning of 2017, with a vision of growing and emerging in the market as major stakeholder, and to develop a line of businesses where clients find one window solutions for their project needs. We followed a comprehensive approach to attract shareholders, clients and partners by establishing 4 distinct companies, of different natures, strengths and capabilities, unified and bound by a common mission, vision and set of core values.

To-date, Irtifa Group has a branding, designing, marketing, construction and architect company under its umbrella to provide the best-in-class services.

Wizkon Innovation provides a full suite of services in designing, naming and initial brand development, strategic consulting, online/offline brand assimilation and marketing.

Fintial Consultants delivers ultimate financial solutions to the client’s business needs through a comprehensive market analysis.

Liminarch Studios provides a platform to master planners who make beautiful, intelligent and sustainable buildings, workspaces, places, urban master plans or individual homes.

Struxive Developers develops mega construction projects and infrastructures.


Greetings from Irtifa Group

With the renovating drive that is our promise and separates us from all the other companies in the region, we are evolving as pioneers in branding, designing, marketing, architecture, and construction industry.

With a tactical stance, precision, creativity, and quality, we have given a new dimension to business development, management and growth.

In order to refresh the concept of “luxury, lifestyle and entertainment”, our first step towards implementing the goal included in our strategic plan was to establish an amenity where people could find an amicable environment for staying, shopping and adventure all under one roof. A leap of faith and proper homework led us to design a unique real estate project having distinctive features within a framework of continuous development, renewal and innovation.

We have always pursued the goal to contribute to the development of the business sector. Our concept of management goes way beyond the idea of economic supremacy in a sector with exclusive characteristics. We strive to be a role model in terms of responsible attractiveness, assimilating the commitment to sustainability as a tactical pillar of our action, along with the whole processes. We assume a sense of added concern for the product, for people and for nature. In essence, concern for the future.

I take this opportunity to thank all of our partners, stakeholders, committed workforce and everyone, who, by any means is engaged with us throughout this journey.


Our Business Philosophy

Irtifa Group represents a group of companies, a team of varied skills and a place to manage businesses of diverse nature. However, each one of them is united by a shared vision, purpose and a mission to transform for a better tomorrow.

Our Promise

Irtifa is inventive, disruptive and capable to transform — through our technologies, knowledge and unique expertise.our HOPE approach does transform businesses, nations and people destinies — into healthy, well connected, Progressive nations and profiting businesses. We shall say that our brand is FULFILLING HOPE, bringing to life the anticipations of the emergentPan-Asian nations, businesses and people,through the means of modern technology.

Our Purpose

Irtifa Group aspires to transform the emerging Pan-Asian nations, industries, business and peoples’ destinies through innovative business solutions for peace, health and prosperity of the people. Our premier technological solutions are fulfilling human hopes for safety, connectivity and good health, while our quality services for public and enterprise domains are honoring our nation’s and our family’s values. .

Our Value

A leading international provider of business solutions with huge social impact, specialized in conceptualizing and implementing tremendous social, healthcare, connectivity and security programs, to address the specific needs of governments, public institutions, businesses and people living in Pan-Asian region.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better tomorrow and a promising future for the businesses we work with, people who work for us and consumers of our work. We are fostering this by bringing together the best of technologies, resources and expertise. We have positioned to be the fastest growing organization with a disruptive approach. .